Kritamon – Products from Crete
Chania Old Harbour


Products from Crete

A special shop, situated in the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania, in the small but very popular street, “Kondilaki” (address: Kondilaki 38, Chania), which cannot go unnoticed. A perfect way to shop until the early morning hours!

We offer you a great variety of olive-wood and ceramic items. Together with these, we recommend to you our award winning local bio oil and honey and certainly our selected local wines.

Wine, Olive Oil and Honey

Find red, white and dessert wines from selected varieties of Crete – Moschato Spina, Mandilari, Kotsifali, Vidiano, Vilana, Thrapsathiri, from the wineries of Karavitaki, Manousaki, Lyraraki, Diamandaki, Daskalaki and other remarkable Cretan producers.

We also provide wines from Santorini.

At the Kritamon store you will find olive oil which hold Gold Awards from Chania and Sitia, and with a very special place which is held by the “Pamako”.
There are 250ml and 500ml olive oil packaging with the characteristic of “pharmaceutical” which derives from the special way of olive cultivation and the production of it, retaining all the useful ingredients and especially the highest percentage of polyphenols in Greece.

Pure Thyme Organic Honey from the Cretan Mountains of the Toplou Monastery of Sitia can also be found in the Kritamon store, as well as pure honey with honeycomb and honey from orange blossoms and honey with tahini.

Ceramic Creations

In Kritamon you will have the opportunity to choose through thousands of designs in ceramics and statues. The creations are inspired by Greek Folk Art. Made entirely by hand, techniques that revive Greek Folk Pottery.

Olive Wood Creations

From the early days of human society people loved art, and one of these was sculpting. Sculpting olive wood started on Crete very long ago and has continued till today from artists.
Everything is handmade! We have pieces such as: bowls, forks & spoons, bracelets, necklaces, rings, photo-frames, all kinds of statues
and many more!

Clothes / Sandals

Choose from a wide range of women’s sandals, clothes, watches, wooden bow ties and other accessories. The product that suits you most!

Organic Products

We welcome you to our Organic Department of Beauty (Soaps, Creamy soaps, Creams).
Our wide variety of certified and tested bio – products will impress you. Our soaps are made with Extra Virgin Cretan organic olive oil, pure water, organic herbs and essential oils, following the cold saponification process to preserve their valuable ingredients.